Andy “rolls”again…

In a team message regarding who was taking what food etc to the lodges for the  McDonald and Munro Speyside Stages in Elgin on Saturday 23rd April,  Libberton’s Andy Struthers reply of “he’d take the rolls,” didn’t go down well with the team. 095_Speyside'16_0399After all it was only four weeks since Andy and navigator Ali McIlroy had crashed out of the Borders Counties with an end over end roll causing extensive damage to the Lochhead prepared Citroen C2.  Remarkably the car was rebuilt in time for Andy and Ali to compete in Elgin and is back in the garage in one piece after this latest round.

Understandably Andy (18) and Ali planned a steady comeback as both had nursed minor injuries after the crash.  Andy said “It took longer than expected to shake the blues from the roll than we would have liked, but we were getting back to where we want to be with the pace at the end of the day. Can't wait to get back out, Jim Clark next on the 5th of June.”  Ali added "I was delighted to witness the confidence returning to Andy on every stage from an obvious cautious
start. I saw enough commitment to corners, braking and pace to be confident he and team can now look forward again and continue this development year"

120 cars started the McDonald and Munro Speyside Stages, and Andy finished a trouble free, if some what cautious 72.  In the Ecosse Challenge he finished fourth in class, putting points on the board.

Andy thanks his team for their amazing efforts to get the car rebuilt and for their support throughout the day.

Between rallies Andy’s car is going to be on display at two of his sponsors fundraising events.  Curtis Bros Fitness Studio in Lanark are holding an Alzheimer’s Scotland fundraiser “Lift the Population of Lanark” in May.  It will then be on display at JS Crawford’s annual fun run for the Border’s branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society in June.  Andy said “I appreciate the support I get from sponsors, it’s good to be able to give something back and help raise funds for these organisations.”

Words: Andy Struthers. Pic (c) 2016 LindsayPhotoSport (used with permission)