Gina’s Speyside Roller Coaster

The 2016 McDonald and Munro Speyside Stages up in Elgin were certainly eventful for Gina Walker.

image2In Her Citroen C2, navigated by Edwin Cook, they managed to secure some good stage times up to Stage 9 of 10. It was here that they encountered some gearbox and clutch trouble. Unfortunately, the problems didn't end there, with Gina rolling the car two miles from the flying finish.

As Gina commented, "I was going in a straight line, but then the back end stepped out, we caught something and went into a roll. The car balanced on its side for a bit but then fell back onto its wheels"

With this good fortune, they managed to limp through the last stage and back to Elgin with a broken radiator and very few gears (not to mention most of the glass missing as well!). Despite the drama, Gina and Edwin managed to secure a second place in the Ecosse Challenge.

Gina was absolutely over the moon that they managed to get a finish and the added bonus of the second place was, "fantastic".